Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving and Camo Santa

We were originally going to go to Nasselle for Thankgiving, but all of us got sick so we decided to stick close to home and visit with family. Our first Thanksgiving was to Uncle Sagagi and Emo Hettie's house for yummy turkey and Korean food. Next we went to Jeramy's mom and dad's house were his Uncle Billy and Aunt Chika were up from California with their kids Mia and Wilson. It is so funny when they visit because I get so confused with people yelling Mia, so I am big Mia and she is little Mia. She is half Japanesse. Sage's other cousins Taylor Bo and Hailey were there too. On Saturday we took Billy and Wilson to Cabelas to look around. I've been wanting to get Sage's picture with Santa taken at the same place every year, and wouldn't you know it is going to be Cabelas, naturally. I thought she might freak out, but she amazingly did really well and just stared at Santa in camo, a perfect fit.
My amazing husband let me have 5 days off, as he was incharge of Sage the whole weekend (I think the first he has ever not been hunting, although he did kick some dirt a couple days and wanted to take Sage up in the woods). I caught up on some much needed sleep and finished 2 books. One by Patricia Cornwell that I have been trying to finish since I was on hospital bedrest this time last year, and I finally broke down and gave into Katy, Dana, and Sara's advice and read Twilight. I had it done in a couple of days and am now reading the 2nd book. I keep trying to figure out what it is that is so interesting to me about the book. So I read like 1,500 pages on my days off. It is funny his idea of a good weekend is going up in the woods and mine is reading, could we be any I am very thankful for him, my family, and my beautiful daughter who is going to be a year old at the end of the month...I still can't believe how fast it goes.


Katy said...

You did it! You read Twilight, awesome huh??? I love the Santa pics, she looks totally engrossed! Love you!

Katy said...

I have read all the books in the Twilight Series, and they are awsome! Let me know when you are done, I love love love the ending!!!

Becky said...

That sounds like a fun weekend. I'm in the mood for a good book. I guess I'm going to have to give in and read Twilight, too. I think it is funny that Aunt Dana thinks my Harry Potter books are evil but she'll read about Vampires?? Just Kidding Aunt Dana if you are reading this. : )

The Camo Santa is so funny. That's something my dad would love to take our kids to.

I'm glad you had a good Thanksgiving. Are you all feeling better now?

Becky said...

Hi Mia,

The Christmas card we sent you was just returned today. I had an old address. Sorry. : (

I'll try to get it resent soon.

Love you and hope you have a great Christmas!