Sunday, November 16, 2008

"The Proudest Day of Jeramy's Life"

Since it was my weekend to do whatever I wanted while he was incharge of Sage (we alternate weekends to give each other a break) I of course wanted to catch up on my sleeping, so Daddy and Sage left the house at 6am with Uncle Dusty to go hunting on private property. They took Sage in her back pack while they were out and she also watched Kung Fu Panda and didn't cry the whole 9 hours they were gone. She must be good luck because Uncle Dusty got a dandy. Jeramy came home just beaming saying how proud he was and that his little girl had become a woman. lol...he said that it was probably the proudest day of his life....that is until she gets one her a good Daddy. So much for our wedding day and birth of our child being his best day ha ha...I can only imagine the day when she gets her first one, all of her uncles will be so proud!
PS. Sara and Chris, I told you the first thing he would do when we got home was throw that thing out in he living room and get in it, and sure enough (it almost knocked him out when he opened it)....look at the huge smile on his face...thanks again!


Katy said...

That is awesome! Congrats on becoming a woman Sage! :)

Sara said...

Yeah for getting her first BUCK! Now if we can only conver that to BUCK-EYE, then she'll be a REAL woman! :o) Yes, I'm leaving a comment, and no i have nothing on my page yet. I'm still fiddling around. oh yeah, YEAH FOR ONE MAN TENTS!

Becky said...

Yay, Sage! And yay, Jeramy for being such a great dad. I'm going to send my husband over to read this post about you getting a whole weekend off. That sounds so good! : )

BTW- I think I stopped formula feeding right around a year old and switched to whole milk in sippy cups. I've heard of people switching to whole milk as soon as 10 months old. Hope that helps.