Thursday, November 20, 2008


Sage crawling through the letter U
I mean what the hell?? Inters performing surgeries on themselves, ah SERIOUSLY?...Meredith's friend intern is annoying and crazy, and I hope she leaves the show. That story line was almost as stupid as Izzy performing surgery on the deer or the latest having sex with a dead guy. I want her and Alex to be together because finally for once he isn't acting like a pig, but you can't help but feel sorry for neckless Denny. And they have totally 180'd Sloan, now he is the nice doctor who lets little girls fall asleep on his shoulder and encourages other people to do the right thing. I really like Hunt and hope that the story with him and Christina evolves to better lines than "I think you are pretty"

But the biggest hypocracy of all is Hahn getting booted off the show. Even though I was totally uninterested in that story line (and secretly loving the fact that Cali keeps getting shit on because I never really liked her anyways....oh and speaking of shit on, what was up with the guy having to give his shit up his wife's nose...I got c-def after a surgery and there is no way in hell I would shove Jeramy's shit up my but kicking Burke off the show because he made a gay reference to George and then they kicked off the lesbian. Although Burke and George were real life drama, since when is Grey's worried about writing about what goes on in the real world. I mean seriously, you are starting to lose me again.

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