Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Muppet Hair..and Mommy Advice Please

Like father like daughter. Sage's hair cracks me up. It is getting so long everywhere. When I first met Jeramy I remember thinking, "well at least I won't have to worry about him going bald"
So since she is almost 1 year now and mobile, she is testing us,she whines or grabs at something she is not suppose to, and when we say No she just laughs in our faces. We tried quit and stop all using sign language too in my meanest mommy voice, redirection, and a flick on the wrist and she still laughs at us. We always keep a straight face although it is hard sometimes. Jeramy thinks she is too young to start discipling her, but I don't think so, because I want her to know limits....any other Mommy discipline ideas?


Katy said...

Okay I am laughing now! I think that is the age where they start testing their limits, but I think it is a little young for serious discipline. A firm no, and leading her elsewhere! I think the most important thing at any age is consistancy! I am still learning that and it is the hardest thing ever! If you are consistant over and over again, she may start to "get" it! I have a four year old and a almost terrible two year old that are making me pull my hair out! Good luck!

Jennifer said...

Ohh, If you only knew how lucky you are!! Parker not only doesn't mind, but talks back now, too! He does get away with some things, the non-dangerous ones (sometimes), but on the important stuff, he gets time-out or even a swat if he's about to get hurt or hurt someone & we need a super-quick reminder. We did time-out at her age, too. Worked rather well back then! Good Luck!