Friday, November 14, 2008

Family Fun and Greys

Last weekend we went to Lattin's Cider Mill right by our house for some cider and doughnuts and to feed the animals. Sage was all bundled up in her elk/reindeer outfit (depending on who you ask) We even ran into our friends Sara, Chris and Mady as we were leaving I guess great Mom's think alike.
Then yesterday while shopping at Costco, Jeramy decided that Sage needed a bear skin rug for her room (even though it is Hawaiian theme) of course when she saw it she loved it and of course she gets whatever she wants. Lucky for me it was only $15.00 and she loves it.
The other pictures are of her new favorite thing, crawling up the gate. It cracks me up because she looks like she is in jail. Also, her crabby hat, she has to wear this when she gets crabby and it always brings a smile to both of our faces.
And finally, Grey's. Ding Dong the witch is dead. Heidi told me that Hahn was leaving the show, but I didn't believe it until I saw it, but what is with Rainman doctor they brought in her place, hopefully she leaves for good. And who the hell was the chick that scalped her back, hopefully she will leave too. The whole Denny thing is weird and of course it is going to mess up Alex and Izzy getting together. OK finally, the nameless interns who are practicing on themselves and doing surgery in the basement on the preview...SERIOUSLY?? what the hell. STUPID!!


Katy said...

I love the crabby hat, what a great way to make good of the bad! LOL Love ya, see ya next weekend!

Angie said...

I am so glad that Hahn is gone...I couldn't stand her. The problem that I have though is that I think they just replaced one crazy thing (Hahn/Callie) with another (Denny). My prediction -- Izzy is going to go crazy and leave the show. I wish I wasn't so attached to the stupid show. It drives me nuts sometimes.

Sage is super cute! I can't believe how old she is getting...wasn't she just born yesterday?? :) Time goes by way too fast!!