Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone! Here is a picture of Sage and the Easter Bunny. That was a pretty interesting event. First she had the death grip on Jeramy before we put her on his lap. Then when she was on his lap she would go limp and slide down the bunny. The first few pictures were pretty funny because she was sliding down his lap. This one she is still trying to get away but it turned out pretty cute! She is wearing a cute little dress my mom got her, and we have a white pea coat from my Chicago Emo Katherine, so she looked like a little Jackie O.

She wasn't really too impressed with egg hunting yet. Until I put M&M's inside the eggs. This was the first time she has had chocolate or candy of any kind so she was pretty impressed! I will have to not give them to her and use them as rewards for potty training, which we need to get going on. She did ok at first but then she got scared of sitting on the big toilet and just screams, so I may have to find one of the portable ones, even though, I really don't want to clean them. She really likes sitting in front of a mirror and watching herself dance and do other things, so maybe I will get a mirror so she can watch other potty training ideas, if you have already tried the little seat on the adult potty and now she hates it? We would do it first thing in the morning or anytime she woke up and give her something to drink while we ran water and give her a sticker etc., and she was doing really good, now she won't even sit on I guess I will try a portable one and see how that goes. I am kind of waiting for the weather to get nice so she can run around without a dipaer outside etc. I am not a big advocate of pull ups since they are like diapers, but I may try the ones that get cold if they get wet. We will see...she is still so little (20 pounds) that it is hard for her to get up on things even with a stool. Wish us luck, hopefully the M&M's will help!

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The Price Family said...

I can't believe Sage has not had candy!! Props to you, I swear my kids as babies were getting licks of ice cream and suckers :) Hopefully the bribing does the trick, I HATE potty training, I would pay someone a lot of money to do it for me. It just all depends on the kid. Crew is almost 4 and he still wears a pull up and will have accidents at night. So frustrating!!! Glad you had a good Easter, the picture is really cute :)