Friday, April 23, 2010

FootLoose and other Fun Stuff

So we have been busy since our trip back from Long Beach where we went with myy parents and met up with Mike, Katy, Gracie and Cole. The first day we didn't do too well as the weatherh was pretty windy. I think me and my Uncle Dan got the most, while everyone else got 1 maybe 2. The next day Mike got 4 limits in under 45 minutes on a beautiful day! Since Jeramy bought me a pink gun, I got him a blue gun so now we have a his and her set. While we were down there Jeramy bought me a pair of high heels rubber boots, so my 6 year old nephew made me a pancake purse to go with my shoes. It turned out really good! He is a great little cook and helper.
Jeramy didn't have to work today so we went down to the farmers market and bought some green peppers, jalepenos and other peppers, cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, and we will get some more later. So while Jeramy tilled the garden, I was inside putting our new bedset together. I was so excited about this. For a king set, this is normally $250 but I got it for $39 and beause the bag was open I got them to give it to me for $30. It is so soft and looks really cute! While I was making the bed, our little girl put on her Obama shirt..way to go girl, she is a chip off the old block! After all of the shirts she could have picked she wanted that one..I was so proud! I got that shirt in Hawaii and he is giving the hang loose sign.
Finally, now that we are in for the evening, we decided to watch Foot Loose, so in honor of the movie, I busted out my old leg warmers. Wouldn't be an 80's movie without leg warmers!
Happy Friday Everyone!

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Heidi said...

LOVE the bedset! I still need to get one for our bed! Five years later, we're still using a queen comforter on our king and usually Dan gets a little chilly at!