Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What's New With Us!

Just a quick post to say hello to everyone and give a quick update...nothing really going on. Pa got Sage her first big girl bed in an attempt to get her to sleep in her own room. Note to anyone who goes out to buy a mattress, really barter with them. My Dad got them to go from $1,400 to $500 for a Queen with a 10 year warranty. Everyone asks (even the delivery guys) why a 2 year old needs a queen size bed, and we say...well they don't come in Princess size and she gets anything she wants. So last night was our first night in the new bed...I laid in there with her and shut the door and she cried...I want my Daddy...I am pretty sure that Jeramy slept on the floor outside of her room. Her other Grandparents just got back from Australia and Disneyland and brought her this huge Mickey sourdough bread. We finally put Grandpa Cal's chair in the living room and she and Jeramy snuggle on it every night. Lami too. Sage thinks she can sit on Lami and ride her like a horse like she does with Toby, Lami is great, she puts up with it.
We all just got over a nasty cold over here. It was actually Sage's first cold and fever. She HATED the bubble gum medicine, and it was interesting trying to get her to take it...I finally just buckled down pinched her cheeks and clamped her mouth shut. When we went to the doctor she weighed 22 pounds on with clothes, a big jacket, heavy shoes and the nurses hand, so I am guessing she is still around 20 pounds. She may be small but let me tell you she had a BIG attitude! Whenever you try and tell her not to do something she says..."Mom" in a really condisending way and tries to reason her way out of it. I wonder where she learned that.
I went on my first trip away from her since she was born and went clam digging with Jeramy and some friends...but mainly I slept the whole time, I wasn't digging. Jeramy was so sweet he bought me my very own pink clam gun! I ended up out digging him both days, guess it was my new pink gun...lol...We are planning another trip in April to meet up with Katy and Mike like we did last year so that should be really fun!
The first picture of her is her new thing, running around with no shirt on. And she LOVES playing with Jeramy's bino's so he took 2 orange juice bottles and red duct tape and made her very own bino's, which she loves, she runs around the house saying...I see you.

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Katy said...

So next time I need a new bed I think I will have your Dad go with me! LOL Hope she starts sleeping in it! :) Can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks! :)