Tuesday, April 27, 2010

10 Things I Want to Remember, Things I Want You to Remember

I wanted to do a post for you Sage of ten things I want to always remember, and the things I want you to remember as you grow up (which has been so fast lately). I am sure this will be the first of many posts like this:

The Things I Remember:
1. When your Daddy said "we have a daughter" and the look on his face after I asked who you looked like and he said "Me" with such a look of pride on his face, at that moment you were your Daddy's girl!
2. What an amazingly good baby you were, you slept through the night, never fussed, and even at 3 pounds 11 ounces didn't get your first cold until you were 2 and a half. Except you were an extremely picky eater, and like your mom liked fast food. I would secretly blend in vegitables into your pancakes just so you could eat them, and you never noticed because you loved your "Pan Pan's"
3. How whenever I was in the bathroom you would lay by the door and stick your fingers underneath and say "Are you ok Mommy"
4. How every morning, you would be in my face and say "Hi Mama" and I would say "Hi Sissy Bug"
5. How you remembered every movement of the movie Madagascar and would copy it.
6. How you would say Baggoooon everytime you saw a balloon.
7. How you would talk on the phone and say Hi to whoever you were talking to and then walk around with the phone making hand gestures whenever you would talk. You would somehow dial people without me knowing, I would walk around the corner and you had dialed Daddy and Ma..I still don't know how you did it...but you loved talking on the phone to Auntie A and Uncle Nick especially.
8. How everytime I would pull out of the driveway in the opposite direction of Pa and Ma's you would moan and cry and say...ahhhh Pa.
9. When I had the stomach flu you would come in and rub my back and say..okay Mama
10. When you were in time out you would babble and argue your case with your hands to why you should not be put in time out (Just like your Mommy). You have the makings of a good lawyer I think.
11. Your Pee Wee Herman laugh whenever you got so excited. Everyone would always chuckle at your laugh, it was so sweet.
12. When you would inhale the dandilion instead of blowing it out to make a wish.
13. How I would always ask if you wanted Milk or Juice and I think you thought it was one word because you would say I want "Milkajuice."
14. How Ma made you special water out of beans and you would always call it Bean Wa.
15. When ever anyone would toot, you'd say.."Pa go Boom" or whoever did it, "Sage go Boom" and you would cover your nose and laugh.
16. How you LOVED looking at yourself in the mirror or reflection, and would Belly laugh so hard when we would do the airplane with you.
17. How because you were the only neice, grandbaby, baby of friends you were so spoiled by everyone! All of Daddy's friends, your Uncles always say how sorry they feel for the boys you try and bring home someday, because they will not get past all of your Uncles!

Things I Want You to Remember:
1. Always take pride in who you are and where you came from and above all else in life, cherish your family and never lose sight of how important family is.
2. Never do things because you expect things in return, do them because it makes you feel good to help others. When you look for the reward of doing something, you lose sight of why you are doing them.
3. Never fight with your fists, always with your mouth and your brain. But never feel like you can't stand up for yourself, your family or anyone else who needs help. However, talk and act like a lady. Never use foul language or point out the flaws in others, honor their diversity.
4. It is absolutely not an option for you to NOT go to College. You can study whatever you choose but you WILL go to college, even if I have to drag you to class myself. And always proof read! And have someone else proof read. Ask questions because there is no such thing as a dumb question only if you chose not to ask it.
5. Like your mother, you will NOT get your ears pierced until you are 21 and get your first pair of diamond earrings from me or your Grandma. My Grandma gave me my first diamond earrings and they are the only ones I wear. You may think this is unfair and silly but I still value this fact and the holes in my ears to prove it. Also, I wish I would have listened to my mother and not died my hair...I had beautiful hair before I died it, now I wish i would have listened to my mother.
6. If you are debating which sport to play, my vote is Volleyball and Basketball, and if you are considering playing an instrument, I would be ok with the violin and piano.
7. Think for yourself and never let anyone ever tell you what you think is wrong. If you don't know the answer, ask or look it up. Argue your point with facts, be precise even if it is to me or a teacher etc. But be prepared also to be told you are wrong, and handle it with grace. And always respect that someone will have the opposite opinion as you, and sometimes, that doesn't make them wrong.
8. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS respect, listen, and value your elders. Learn from them. Value their opinions, beliefs etc, just as you would want them to value yours.
9. Never sit by while other people are doing the work, offer to help. Be polite and always be the bigger person. You may lose some battles but handle them with grace and learn a lesson from it.
10. You are going to get your heartbroken (or at least you think it is) and that it is the end of the world, but be strong in who you are, never settle, and the right person will be there when you least expect it, but I am not going to lie, there are going to be plenty of tears and bumps in the road, it is how you pick yourself up from them that matters. Never let anyone else define you, you define yourself...know what makes you happy first and foremost.
11. I know at times it will seem like we are being unfair, or that we don't know what we are talking about (I think every kid thinks that about their parents until they become one) but always remember that our only concern is for your health and happiness and as your parents our job is to take care of you and love you for the rest of our lives. I call you my "Golden Egg" because I can't have anymore kids, so if I am too fragile with you that is why. I will admit right now that we are helicopter parents, always hovering above you, but it is because you are our one shot, and we want all the best for you. Even if that means you disagree with us or get mad at us, we can get you therapy later...lol.
12. Trust is something that you earn! Once someone loses trust in you, they will always think the worst is going to happen. Make sure you live your life to be a truthful, honest, and honorable person. Love is a choice you have to make, you chose to love someone, and chose to do things to show that person that you love them. Love is a choice and not an emotion. Choose Love.
13. Be grateful and gracious to any gift you ever receive. Even if you already have one, it wasn't what you wanted, or you hate it, you always show appreciation in the fact that someone thought of you. There are people that don't have basic necessities, so do your part, no matter what in showing that you appreciate the gesture...hey you can always take it back later.
14. Don't be shocked when you go to date or go to dances etc. if your Daddy and Uncles are a little over protective of you, it is only because they love you!
15. Live everyday to the fullest, never limit yourself. If you don't succeed that is ok, because you can always try again...learn from your mistakes and fix them, don't look to others to tell you how to be happy, you need to decide that for yourself.
16. Don't just go through the motions of life and what is expected of you, carve out your own path, be your own person and always strive to be the best at everything you do.
17. Do not lie, unless it is necissary to protect someone else...however instead of lying, manipulate your words so they are not lies, but rather alternate truths for the better good. But never lie to us. If you feel like you can't come to us for anything please go to your grandparents, or Aunt Andrea or someone for help...and never be ashamed to ask for help.

I will do these posts often as I want you to have these in your book so we can look back on them one day.


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