Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Who....Lil Ol Me?

Last night we were just getting ready for bed when we got a knock at the door. That is strange because usually people come through the garage. When Jeramy answered there was a plain clothed guy around 23 asking for a Jerry (which is weird that the Sheriff sent a plain clothed guy in first with a weird name, when obviously they knew my name since it is on the phone bill) Then the Thurston County Sheriff walked up and said that they got a 911 call from our address and tried calling back but the line was busy. As I was standing there in my robe, Sage came bombing around the corner and the Sheriff laughed and said "That must be the culrpit...I should have guessed with all these toys" (we had just moved a couple of her big outside climbing toys into the living room)

Sage had apparently dialed 911, hung up, and then left the phone off the hook. Since she has lost every cordless phone we have, we only had 1 landline phone, until yesterday when I put one in our bedroom. I looked at the phone she disconnected and noticed it took 25 minutes before someone responded...hopefully if there is a real emergency they will get there faster than that, I guess I am thankful we didn't get fined etc. She has reprogramed my phone, bought ringtones, rebooted my computer. But last night was definatly a first! LOL

Today she has been running around the house SCREAMING "Aloha" which means she wants to watch the video that Uncle Saggagi put together of our Hawaii trip...guess I picked a good theme when I decorated her room in Hawaiian. Whenever she sees my Dad on the video she says..Thatsa my Pa..then runs to the door saying..I wanna see my Pa. I wonder if her name for my Dad isn't PA but MyPa.

She got her first cut yesterday when she fell on the concrete. It is the tiniest little thing you have ever seen, like a papercut, but both Jeramy and I FREAKED out. We immediatly got the neosporan cleaner out and foamed up her hand..then tried in vain to find a bandaid that would fit in that spot on her hand that she wouldn't take off...no such luck..

Finally, I think I have deemed Tuesdays.."Terrible Toddler Day", Sage decided to empty our silverware drawer yet again and when I told her No..she chucked 3 big spoons at my head and they hit me pretty hard from a pretty close distance since I was squatted down. She got in big trouble for that.
Oh the fun never ends!

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