Sunday, April 25, 2010

Long Beach 2010

A couple of weekends ago we stayed in one of Mom and Dad's 3 bedroom condos. Katy and Mike and Gracie and Cole joined us and we had so much fun. The first day was pretty windy, but considering it was POURING down rain here, we got pretty lucky because it didn't rain on us too much. I walked about 300 yards from the rest of the group and noticed them all heading in. When I walked to the cars I said "I only have 9" and the rest of the group only had 1 or maybe 2, so I did pretty good that day. The next day, Mike got 4 limits in about 45 minutes. Dad, Jeramy and I drove up the beach and after we heard how well Mike did, we went out in front of the hotel. It took us a little it longer, and I was the last one to get my limit. We generally like digging near Ocean Shores, and don't ever really dig Long Beach. There is another tide with a big big minus (-1.8) so while Jeramy and his friends are shed hunting, I might go clamming. Jeramy bought me a cute pink gun, so I bought him a blue one. Sunday was beautiful and we actually dug in our t-shirts. The new Long Beach condos are beautiful (except for the part where Sage peed on the carpet.. lol ) and we had an ocean view, so thank you mom and dad!

Sage had a great time with Gracie and Cole, and always asks "where is Cole". I bought some high heeled rubber boots so Cole made me a purse pancake to go with them it was very cute! Can't wait to go again and to see everyone in July, We should make this an annual clamming trip!!

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Katy said...

Mia thanks for the great time! I am totally offended because you gave Mike all the credit for our 4 limits! I have to say I got two and he got two! There now that that is off my chest....LOL Loved your boots! And yes this is going to be a yearly thing! Love you bunches!