Thursday, April 8, 2010

Great-Grandpa Holman

I remember that when Sage was born some people said that she looked like Grandpa Jack. Infact, if Sage were born a boy, since we wanted to be surprised on the sex of the baby, her name was going to be Jack, middle name was going to be Lee (Dad and Grandpa Jernigan's, and Andrea's middle name, and Marcus and Lucas last name). For some reason we were certain we were having a boy, that one of our Doctor's who peeked on one of the ultrasounds and knew we were going to have a girl, would always chuckle when we would call Sage, we know why.
This picture, Dad says was taken at Aunt Minnie's on the Hamersly Inlet. For as long as I can remember Aunt Minnie lived downstairs from my Grandma at her Carpenter Road house. Uncle Dave is on Grandpa's lap, Uncle Dan is in the middle, and my Dad is on my Grandma's lap.
He died when I was pretty young, so I don't have too many memories of him, but got to know alot about him when I went to go visit Aunt Marlene last (see story below).
Anyways, thought I would share this picture because I was looking at it today and thought that Sage does resemble my Grandpa a lot.


Everyday Becky said...

I can really see it when you scroll down between this picture and the one on the last post. Genetics always amaze me. : )

I LOVED seeing this photo of Aunt Patty. She's so pretty.

Katy said...

Geesh where have I been! Had to catch up on your blogging! First of all I can't beleive she called 911! That takes talent! LOL And seriously 25 minutes? What a great picture of your Grandma and Grandpa and Uncles! I loved Uncle Jack! He was so cool and was supposed to give me a Charlie Horse when I turned 12! :) Good luck on the potty training! 3 kids down one to go here! All very different! :)

Em said...

I agree with Becky, genetics can be really amazing! I do see the resemblence. I've been a horrible blogger lately so I haven't kept up with yours! I'll try to do better lol.