Monday, May 10, 2010

Friday Harbor, San Juan Island & Mother's Day

Sage's First Boat Ride on Uncle Andy's Boat
Watching T-Ball and Hanging with Alexandria

Playing on the Beach


Not sure about taking a picture next
to a fish that is as big as she is...

I guess it is ok as long as Dad is there
and I keep my eye on it

2 Bald Eagles eating the remaining Halibut
on the beach in front of the house

Waiting for Dad to come back from fishing

Talking to Ma and Pa on the phone

Driving onto the Ferry

We went up to Friday Harbor to visit our family. Sage and I got to hang out with her cousin's Floyd and Alexandria and Auntie Carol, while the boys went out halibut fishing. We had a couple successful days and ended up with 4 halibut. Sage had such a good time with her cousins. She kept calling Floyd "BABY" and would say NO NO BABY, but then at the end of the trip learned how to share better. I was amazed at how many new words she learned this weekend...she is growing up before our eyes. She loved cuddling and hanging out with Alexandria too when she wasn't at school, and she cheered for her at her T-Ball game. Sage also got to go out on Uncle Andy's boat. We were very happy to see that she instantly had her sea legs and LOVED the boat. We lucked out with very beautiful weather and sunsets and got some really good pictures.
I woke up to a nice bouquet of tulips on Mother's Day and then got to go shopping at the Seattle Outlet Mall on the way home.
We had an amazing family vacation, but now back to reality and unpacking, I am thinking about leaving the bag packed for our next trip!

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