Sunday, December 6, 2009

Future CEO

"What do you need now? Can't you see I am busy"

"No No No, that isn't how you do it"

"UGG I will just do it myself!"

These pictures crack me up...she brought her little laptop and play phone to her table and was talking on the phone while playing with the mouse and computer like she was working. She was very animated at whom ever she was talking to, and aparantly was late for a meeting since the last picture she looks pretty aggitated, or the phone call didn't go the way she wanted it to. Look out for Sage Super CEO someday! She means business!


Katy said...

She is so funny! I need to see her again in person!!

Em said...

I can just see her throwing her hands in the air in frusteration lol. I agree, I need to see her again too. Come over here! lol. Before the weather is so horrible you can't!

Em said...

Sage is such a cutie. I love the pictures. She looks so serious. I'm with Katy and Em.. Come on over before it gets too hard to do it. Love ya Mia, Norris and Sage. Oh by the way, this is Aunt Dana. I'm on Em's computer. LOL

The Price Family said...

Too cute! You might have your hands full with her! What an imagination she has :)