Sunday, December 13, 2009

Santa from Cabelas and THE FACE

So of course we did our Santa pictures at Cabelas again this year. I was a little fearful going in that Sage would freak out, but her and Santa bonded over their matching outfits and she did great, no tears or anything. In fact she kept going back to talk to him while we were waiting for our picture. Here is a picture of her dress and hat that my mom got her, as well as her Seahawks cheerleading outfit that she wears on Sundays, because we all know they could use the help. She wore her Husky's cheerleading outfit (because you know she is a born Husky) during Apple Cup and to all of my Cougar friends and family, we all know that that did the
Also, lately she has been doing this thing we call "the face" it is SO funny and if you ask her to do the face she will do it to anyone. Last night she had the nurses laughing. It really is super funny, I think we are in trouble. lol
Thanks to everyone for their prayers for Gpa Cal..he is out of ICU and on a hospital floor now. He is a stubborn old man and I think that is what keeps getting him we just have to work on shutting him up so he keeps his oxygen levels down. He is such a proud grandpa, great grandpa and dad that he wants to tell anyone who will listen how great his family is. I am just glad he is out of the ICU and Sage finally got to see him, she was in her santa suit so I think it made him happy!


Heidi said...

I love the santa picture and her outfit is super cute! We called that face Mr. Cheese when our kiddos did it. Cute, cute, cute!

Katy said...

Mallory has been doing the cheese face, it's too cute. Again, I will ask, when are you coming over? lol. Love ya, miss ya!

Katy said...

That last comment was from Em, here's mine: LOL
Glad she had a better encounter with Santa! Super cute picture! I think she should probably not wear the Husky outfit next year okay. I mean if that's what lost us the game you gotta give us a chance! Glad G-pa is doing better! Love ya!

Jani said...

I love "the face" lol. That little santa suit is great! I'm with Katy on the Husky outfit!!