Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bah Hum Bug

So anyone that has been to our house knows that there are about 30 dead antlers and mounts from deer and moose in our garage. Once you step inside there are 3 European mount Elk and a TON of elk an deer sheds...then when you step out our back porch there are about 10 European buck mounts. Aside from our 2 boats on the side of the house, it looks like a bunch of savages live here.
So naturally our outside Christmas lights had to reflect our inside decor. So we have this Gigantic blow up hunter holding a rifle and 3 deer. Jeramy wanted to put a pool of blood down, but I put a river and water down. It actuallity it looks pretty cool. So as long as we don't have PETA breathing down our neck, we should be when we have to put it all away, which is one of the reasons I didn't want to do it.

As for inside...I would rather get a fake tree that you just pull out of the this is our tree...this is the one Andrea got me when we were in the hospital waiting for Sage. I suppose when she is a little bigger and won't bother the tree we will get a real one like Jeramy wants. As for me, I am happy to pull one out of the box. As for now, this is the only decoration inside.
I got my Christmas cards in the mail and aside from hanging stockings and doing minimul shopping I am DONE!!


Em said...

Lol, I love the idea of the river of blood!@ Come on mia... hahaha. I still have my Halloween decorations up. I need to geton the ball! I have my Christmas cards ordered, but they are sitting at Costco waiting for me to pick them up. I may not get them out until after Christmas lol. And I'mwith Jeremy, there is nothing like a real tree! I like having a real one in the house, I just don't like cleaning up after it when we're done with it! Love ya, hope everythign's going good over there!!!

Everyday Becky said...

: ) The debate of fake vs. real tree has haunted our marriage for 10 years. I'm a softie and finally gave in- We will be putting up Pat's fake version of a tree on Sunday. : )

(Don't tell anyone, but once I finally gave in, I actually really enjoyed the getting it out of the box, putting it up, decorating it, thing w/ no mess BUT I'm not admitting defeat)