Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkins,Perry's, and Potty's

Jeramy carved the big pumpkin, while I opted to spray paint the little pumpkin with silver spray paint and use my scrapbooking stuff to decorate. Sage didn't seem too interested. We got her a spider outfit for Halloween and she wore it to the beach when we went Razor Clam digging and everyone loved her and called her spider girl all weekend and she soaked up the attention. Speaking of soaked, Friday we got drenched and after about an hour got all of our limits. Our friends Joey and Michaela and their kids were there too, and Uncle Dan and Uncle Dave and Aunt Donna. Dan got his limit that day in like 28 minutes. The next day was better weather and a bigger tide so I was able to dig my limit in like 7 minutes, which I am now regretting. After a surgery like mine, clam digging probably wasn't the best idea, but my dad got 120 of his favorite Razor Clams.
Before we left, we went up to visit the newest member to Robert and Emily's family, little baby Ayla. Superstar Emily had straight contractions for a few days and delivered a beautiful baby girl naturally. At first I thought she looked like Robert, but then I see Emily in her. Robert was such a proud Papa, and we even got to witness his first diaper change. Jeramy was giving him pointers, it was pretty cute. They have been so great to us Robert is the one who introduced us and they even flew to Las Vegas for our wedding and visited Sage in the NICU. They even got us the outfit we took Sage home from the hospital in. We can't wait to get the girls together and I am sure Robert and Jeramy will take their girls hiking and fishing, claming and all of it. I think every daddy needs a little girl.
Finally, we are going to start potty training after Hawaii in a couple of weeks, but I thought this was a funny picture of Sage sitting on her potty seat reading a magazine.


Katy said...

Hey I have a potty training suggestion for you! You try it see if it works and then let me know and I will try it with Eli! LOL My frined did it with her daughter and she was potty trained in 3 days! NO JOKE!! From diapers to underwear and no accidents!!!

Em said...

This never popped up on my blog. For some reason yours, Katy's, and my friend Ali's blogs haven't been updating. ANYWAY lol. I love the spraypainted pumpkin, and the picture of Sage on the potty is super cute. You should ask Katy about that online site, from what she has told me it sounds like something worth looking at. I wish I'd done it with Avery lol, but hwo knows whether it would ahve worked with her or not. She's doing great now though. An accident here and there, but for the most part she is potty trained. It seems like when she ahs accidents they all come at once on the same day, then she's back to being potty trained the next day. Who knows, a 2 year old's mind is a mystery lol. Good luck with it, have fun in HAWAII!!! And I'll talk to you soon! Love ya