Monday, July 20, 2009

Stupid Parents

I don't know if it is because it is late, or if I just haven't ranted out loud in a while, and by all means I am not saying that I am a perfect parent, I know I am an obsessive compulsive one, but at least I am not a stupid one. Nothing irritates me more than when I see neglegent parents. I must not have noticed before I became a mother, but now it is down right annoying. Jeramy, Sage and I were down at Lakefair on a really really hot day, and this girl (who looked like she was 15) was carrying her bald baby around with no hat on and you could see that his head was TOTALLY sunburned, to the point where it was almost blistered...then I saw another group of parents leave there baby in the car seat in line while they rode a ride...I kept wondering if they knew someone nearby who was watching their baby, but nope just the carny. Then I see people who let their kids run on the sidewalks on busy highway/roads and I always think of my cousin Yumi who got so hurt and I get really anxious. Or when you are in parking lots and you are pulling out of your spot and you can't see a kid behind you and the mom or dad is totally oblivious talking on their cell phones. Or when little girls that look like they are 6 years old wear trampy clothes and are walking down the street by themselves. If you do a search with our address there are 103 registered sex offenders in a 3 mile radius. And that is small considering we live in a heavily populated area, compared to other areas near by. This all happened in one day. I am not saying I am a perfect parent, but come on people, put a hat on your kid, don't let the carney babysit them, get off your damn cell phone, and don't buy your kids trashy clothes...geesh!!!
On a happier note, these are pictures of Sage with her shades on. She digs putting them on but not actually wearing them. And this is our neighbor Gianna. She is so good and patient with Sage. Today Sage would just go up to her and give her great big bear hugs, and we were trying to teach Sage how to share her new doll stroller, which as you know is her Favorite, after a couple turns she figured out how to wait her turn. The cute thing is that both Jeramy and I and Gianna's parents call our kids peanut, so they have the same nickname too.


Em said...

I think Katy's sister in law colleen used to call Hope peanut too lol. I knwo what you mean. Don't you just want to scream sometimes! Although, I personally love to put trashy clothes on my daughters LOL, kidding. Sharing is a tough thing for a kid to learn. Avery does great sometimes, and horrible other times!! Anway, I hope you feel better before ya feel worse Mia!! I'm looking forward to seeing you guys. Hang in there!

Katy said...

Oh Mia, I totally agree! I don't think you have to be a genius to be a parent but have a little common sense please! And for goodness sake put a hat on that baby! Poor thing. Makes me think of my bald Eli and cringe to think of his nice soft bald head being burnt and blistered! We all make mistakes, but that is STUPID!! Good rant.... LOL Love ya!

Moss Fam said...

Mia, you crack me up. Hey we are here in WA now and need to get the gals together, I miss ya'all