Tuesday, July 14, 2009


We painted the whole thing, doesn't it look good

Her 2 seater Jeep...the one seater is at mom and dads

So when we were visiting in Prosser last month, Sage fell in love with this old spring horse at Danny and Heidi's. It seems like our new phrase around here both with me and Jeramy and her grandparents is, "we better get her one." Hey she is our last baby, can you blame us? lol..But where do you find a horse circa 198o in good condition. So I started scouring the internet and found one in Centralia for $10. Jeramy and I loaded up the drift boat (our trailer) and went to pick up Sage's new horse. I have been also saying I need some slides or something fun inside to keep her busy (because her bazillion toys just don't keep her occupied these days) So I found this rock wall slide thing ( I have been kicking myself for not buying on when I saw it for $20, so was happy when we finally found one). We also bought her a two seater wagon. We figured she loved her bugy so much that naturally she would love the wagon and we were right. Between the wagon and the slide I paid $30. The horse was looking a little weathered when we got home, so Jeramy and I spruced it up to look brand new, and we did a good job if I do say so myself.
Finally, I have to show you what Jeramy has been up to lately. As those of you who have been to my house, you know I love the layout of our house because he can have his "man room" while I got most of the house. Except the Master Bathroom which is decorated in fishing stuff, and there is a picture of Andy, JR and James holding the $5,000 fish. It is a little bother sometimes to look at Andy,my cousin when I am peeing. Jeramy's mom recently came across some antique reels. They have jade and amathyst handles and you can tell they are worth alot of money. We probably got over 20 of them, so of course they are in our fishing bathroom.
Since he is running out of wall space in our garage walls and inside his man room, he is now hanging european mounts OUTSIDE! in the back yard, I do admit that it looks pretty cool, but anyone who drives by and sees all of these dead animals and 2 boats and looks at us like we are savages...lol...oh well at least the bathroom and our bedroom are mine, and my kitchen. Our cherries came in and so we put up some scafflding to get some, and to hang CD's to scrare away birds. Unfortunately our tree is on top of our garden, so we are contantly raking out cherries Ahhhh men!


Em said...

I love the picture in the bathroom, I can see you in the mirror LOL. You're a great shopper man! I wish I had more time to go yardsaling around here. The problem is that I have to drive an hour to get to any good ones lol.

The Jernigan Family said...

I bet you could barter like crazy over there@@@

Katy said...

Okay Mia seriously! Come over and show us how it's done! LOL Hope you are feeling better!