Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Amazing Daddy

On an adventure with Daddy, look how happy she is

I have to just say that I am so lucky to have such a great husband and Sage is so lucky to have such an amazing Daddy. Since I have been sick he has been so awesome with her and me, and there isn't anything that he can't or won't do. Ever since the minute she was born, he instantly had this amazing connection with her and was totally hands on, even though she was so small, that didn't matter, he changed her first diaper, gave her her first feeding, and first bath since I was laid up after a c-section. I remember him sleeping and jumping out of bed to run upstairs to give Sage her feeding and he sprinted and the nurses laughed because he was such an attentive Dad. Even the nurses in the NICU would whisper in my ear that he is amazing. And 18 months later, if it is possible he is even better. He balances my over protectiveness out, and together I think we make a good team. He just straps her on his back, and away he goes, fishing, hunting, riding a moped, geoducking, and Sage LOVES the time with her Daddy! As I write this now, he is laying in bed with her right now trying to get her to take her nap. It is funny and kind of sad that when she is hurt or fussy she doesn't want me, she wants him (or my mom). But I would rather have that then a Daddy who doesn't do anything. I will say that he lets her get away with more stuff than I would, but she is Daddy's Girl so I guess that is ok. I could not have dreamed for a better husband, father and life that he has provided for us, and if it is possible, seeing him with our daughter makes me love him so much more. I probably don't tell him enough, but he is the man of my dreams, the one I always knew would come, and him and Sage have made my life complete. I am one lucky girl, and so is Sage! We love you Jeramy!! and Thank you!


Em said...

He really is a great Daddy! You are a wonderful mother too Mia. Love you guys! Looking forward to seeing ya next month :) Take care of yourself!

Katy said...

You are very blessed Mia! I truly believe that luck doesn't have anything to do with it! God had Sage and Jeremy hand picked for you before the beginning of time! Love you lots!

Mama Mimi (Dana) said...

Ditto to Em and Katy. Love you Mia, Uncle Norris and Sage.