Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I know I know...Grey's

I have been a bad blogger lately, but I have a reason...my poor baby has her first sinus and ear infection and is on the pink bubble gum medicine, and my husband has been working 12-24 hour days 7 days a week and is now gone for the next 2 working out of town and just 3 weeks ago was gone for a week hunting so I have barely seen him or had any time to myself. I've been staying at my parents house every once in a while so I get a little break...I keep saying I am starting to feel like what a military wife feels like...but hey I can't complain because Jr is making some serious money! Even though he is gone for my birthday during hunting season and our wedding anniversary is tomorrow. Such is life!

So Grey's...I had to watch it on the internet so I didn't get the full effect...but I said at the last of last season..."watch Derrick get hit by a bus or something" and that is how it started and then Just Kidding...STUPID... Rose saying she was pregnant and then Just Kidding and stabbing him with a scalpal STUPID. I am glad that the cheif finally put Hahn in her place but that whole Callie story line is just laim! And what is with McSteamy being like Dr Phil now of the group...like he should be giving advice...maybe he will end up with the sister, and George will get jealous. I did like the Army doctor and would like to see him on the show, but how could he just leave the army. I am really getting sick of the nameless interns however. And by the way, I thought the chief was suppose to cut back on work and go back to his wife.

Since I am on my parents computer, I have to use one of their pictures...so they are kind of random.

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Em said...

I watched it on and off last week, and I am not watching it this week. Grey's needs to be boycotted. It's getting too rediculous. I know it's a soap, but come on. Might as well be a day time soap.

Happy Anniversary! It is kind of crummy not doing anything. Chad and I haven't done anything either the last two years, but we usually make up for it when we can with dinner and a movie or something. We still haven't done anything this year though, so I'm starting to give up on that idea lol. Love you guys. Can't wait to see ya again!