Thursday, September 18, 2008


So first off, Sage is feeling a little better, thank you everyone for your comments. We slept in the rocking chair in her room all night, so Mom is a little cranky and exhausted. Jeramy will probably kill me for posting this picture, but I could not resist. This was about 2am and the only thing that would keep her from screaming was if we were rocking her in the rocking chair I slept in, playing Hawaiian music and making her bamboo windchime above the chair go. It was so cute and her first cold, I figured I should document it.

Well so I refreshed myself for the new Grey's next week...while I was watching they did a glimps of the new season and did anyone else hear Rose say she was carrying Derrick's baby? WHAT THE HELL...figures, I thought something like that might happen or he'd get hit by a bus going to tell Rose it was off....and then you see Meredith looking through the glass screaming NO. I know how previews are so I guess I am just assuming Rose is talking to Derrick but that is really going to suck!!! In all the weekly gossip magazines the writers have said that Meredth and Derrick will be together for good because they probably sensed that we were getting sick of the flip flopping. I am really uninterested in the lesbian relationship with Hahn and Callie as I really don't like them, so that leaves Dreamy and Christina without real storry lines (Meridith's sister too)...George is going to retatke the test, and I see him and the sister get together, does anyone think Dreamy and Christina will end up together, because after all this is Grey's anatomy so someone has to be sleeping with someone inside the hospital. When I was on bedrest at UW, I always joked that it was like Grey's Anatomy because it is a teaching hospital, so I would have like 8 doctors come in stick their head between my legs as I watched TV, and go over stuff, and they were fellows,chiefs, residents, attendants, interns etc. So when I would meet someone I was like, Oh so you are like Bailey...Well they better not disappoint us, because boy do they owe us for a crappy season last year!!!


Em said...

Yeah, I didn't think it could get worse then last year either, but... a las, it looks like it's going to be worse. I'm so sick of Grey's anatomy, but for some reason, I still end up watching it and being discusted on Thursday nights.

I love that pictures. You should post it as "What parenting is REALLY like.." lol. What a good daddy. Chad would have slept through the whole thing lol.

Heidi said...

Oh girl, I am soo with you!! The whole Rose being prego with Derrick's baby is soooo predictable after the way the ended things last season. Ugh!! Come on already, let Derrick and Meredith be happy:) And, the lesbian thing...needs to stop. Not in to it...AT ALL!

Becky said...

I haven't watched Grey's in years, but happened to watch it last week. I agree that the whole Rose being pregnant thing is so predictable. I don't know if you ever watched Alias, but they did the same thing- the two main characters could never get together and just be happy together. It just gets old after awhile.

I know I'm biased because she's family, but I just have to say that Sage is so pretty. I love her newest pictures. I'm glad she is feeling better.