Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sage's 8 Month Pictures

Our little girl is 8 months (almost 9 months, sorry for the late blog). She weighs in at a whopping 14 pounds a mere 5 pounds more than Katy's newborn baby. She is doing so many new things, I think that everyday I call Jeramy and said she does something new like rolling all over the place, feeding herself, doing the Indian call all the time (we use to pat our hands over her mouth and she would babble, now if you do it she does too) and she is saying Mom! I am currently decorating her room in a hawiian theme, because that was the music I had playing when she was born at the hospital, and she LOVES Hawaiian music and can you blame her becauses it is so relaxing. I have a CD of this Hawaiian group I went to college with Little Big Man that plays in her is turning out reallly cute, lots of hibiscus flowers, surfboards as ceiling fan, hibiscus and pineapple curtains with a bamboo window shade and grass vallance, and I used the Hawiian pictures I took of her a while ago to make a Pretty Wahine big collage with palm trees and block letters of her name with hibiscus decals. She has a bamboo wind chime in her room above the hawiian print rocking chair that she loves to listen to and me too. All I have to do is paint one her walls hot pink, and have a beach scene painted or wallpapered on the the big wall...I have a cute frog in flip flops made out of wood that says To the Beach and is pointing to the wall and above that is a surf shack and a little gir face made out of a coconut. I just need to add some turtles (her crib set is underwater stuff). Everything is not all pink so there is a variety of Hawaiian themed print colors. I LOVE how it is turning out and surprisingly I have found alot of stuff at garage sales or on clearance, she even has a cute little lamp with a flip flop pull cord. Got any other ideas?

While I was garage saleing I also bought from a teacher, one of those evolution of a fish so you can see them grow from an egg to fish for her first science fair project (Already thinking ahead). Then we are going to put a bunch of fishing pictures of Jeramy and the different types of fish and details blah blah blah. I know putting the cart in front of the horse but you can never be too prepared...and naturally it is going to be about fish (Jeramy's request) as this is now her 3rd picture with a fishing pole. (Katy I think you are right, she probably is going to be the most professionally photographed baby lol)

Hope all of you are doing good! All of our babies are here!!!! Annika Grace (Joey and Michaela), Cameron Tyler (Scott and Heather), Elijah Scott (Katy and Mike), and Issac Bain (David and Rachel). And soon we will be having TWO more at the SAME time, Emily and Chad's twins coming around Sage's first birthday. Whoopee!!


Katy said...

Mia, you crack me up! I can't wait to see the pictures of her room! I'm sure Elijah will outweigh Sage in no time! But hey she needs these big boy cousins to be her protectors! He has his check up tomorrow, I'll let you know what he weighs now! Love ya!

Jennifer said...

Terry's village ( has the CUTEST "palm tree" decorations. Huge hibiscus flowers, surf board-hawaiian shirt lights, flamingos, etc. Pretty cheap, too! Hope that helps!!