Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lazy Dayz With The Jernigans

Today was a very lazy day at the Jernigan household (for some)...and tho I thought she was done taking naps, Daddy came to the rescue and got her to sleep. He has always been great at getting her to go to not so much...I took advantage of Jeramy and Sage falling asleep before 9pm and got a bunch of stuff done, so much that I forgot to go to bed! Then I utilized Jeramy being home to catch up on everything while he entertained her. My washer and dryer have not stopped since yesterday morning. Still have not gone to bed yet, but Jeramy keeps laughing at me as I type this saying "your eyes aren't even open" Lol...between not sleeping since Monday night, and doing a marathon laundry, housecleaning sprint while I had someone to help with Sage...I am officially exhausted,
By the looks of it so are Lami and Sage...Lami always has to be right next too Sage no matter where she is, she has always been like that, and it is very sweet. Also, in the mornings Sage's new thing is running back and forth yelling "Mom and Dad" and giving us great big hugs on our legs...Then she gives great big bear hugs to Toby and her buddy Lami..
Ok I am off to take a nap!


Em said...

Lazy days are so fun. Especially when you get to participate in them lol. Get some sleep girl!

Katy said...