Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Enjoying the Sunshine

While the sun made a brief apperance, even though it was freezing, we decided to take advantage. First we went to Skateland with Jeramy's family (Uncle Sean, Cousins Andrew, Tessa, Alex, Anessa and Great Grandma Yvonne) Sage loves going around in her stroller with her Dad, as Mom refuses to put skates on. Sage also put on her first pair of skates...they were so tiny...she is a much better skater than her Mom!! She didn't want anyone to help her.

Pa and Ma and us went to the zoo. It was so much fun...Sage LOVED the walrus' and did her Pee Wee Herman laugh whenever they would surface. She hated the octopus, but who blames her, those things are gross.
Then on Sunday, Jeramy took us up to Mt St. Helens. Along the way we stopped at resturants we haven't gone to for breakfast and lunch which was fun. Sage spotted a playground while we were there and had so much fun going down the slide, it was hard to get her to leave the slide and Jeramy away from the bino's looking at the hundreds of elk in the valley. On the way out we stopped at one of the center's and enjoyed the view. I have to laugh at Sage in our new Ergo on Jeramy's back...she looked like a frog stuck on his back.
All in all a GREAT weekend, now comes the rain, so we can't wait for summer to be here for good! This weekend we are off to the beach for the clam tides!


Heidi said...

don't you love the ergo!! i want one so bad. i don't want to spend the money...so i'm in search of a nice used one...let me know if you havea ny leads!

Stephanie said...

Wonder if the 'king of Skateland' ever thought back then then he'd be the guy with the stroller out there. :) So cute!