Thursday, February 4, 2010


Today we played dress up, and unlike my husband's camo print request, Mommy dressed her in her little tutu. When she had it on she went flying towards the mirror to say "Side to Side" and twirled. She really likes looking at herself in the mirror lol...
Then in the last picture I asked her to show me "The Face" and here it is...she scrunches up her little face and lips...and lately she will do the face and cross her arms across her chest in a grand gesture that starts above her head and then slams into her chest and says "Hmpp". Some times a big, "NOOOOOOO" comes out...Boy are we in trouble or what? Timeout Turtle has been getting alot of use these days...I dont' know where she gets this from (wink wink).

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Katy said...

So stinking cute!! Miss you guys!