Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Within One Week (actually 3 days)

My cousin Becky is hosting another Within one Week, but my goal this year is to have it done by the weekend. I have a list of goals each day that I want to achieve, but the 2 top priorities are to clean out Sage's bedroom and the guest room. Since Sage doesn't use her room much (except I am praying today she will take a nap in it, it is our first try) it has become a stoage unit. I emptied out all of the clothes that don't fit her into boxes and put the new stuff that people have given us in the drawers. What was left behind were tubs and boxes of clothing, if you can believe all of those tubs are filled with clothes that don't fit and I am getting ready to garage sale. I even sorted them by brand for easy pricing when we do decied to do the garage sale.
The second goal is to clean out the guest bedroom and get rid of the junk that we don't need anymore and put in the garage sale pile. We just got a smaller captains bed in there with more drawer space, but we also have one of those things you hang upside down on to relieve tension in your back so it doesn't leave much space, plus all of my craft stuff is in this room also, so a quick tidy in here is one of my goals as well. Wish me luck! I will post after pictures. Be sure to visit her site and encourage all of the other people who are participating. Last year I got a bunch of encouragement to help me finish organizing her closet and drawers, and I am SO thankful for it!


Katy said...

Go Mia Go! I did mine already, I wanted to get tomatoes, green peppers and cucumbers planted and I did it! :) Yippee will post pics soon!:)

Becky said...

I have the Mr. Linky up for you now. : )

Em said...

Good luck! Organizing can be terrible when you don't have a lot of space. Thank God for parents who let you store stuff in their garages LOL. Love ya :)

Becky said...

Go Mia go! I can't believe you are doing all of that in three days. You are amazing. Can't wait to see the after pictures. You've inspired me! I'm off to get to work on Ben's room.

Love you!

BRiehl said...

Good luck! I am also cleaning out a room, sorting clothes and prepping for a garage sale. I'm excited to see your finished pictures.

Rachel B said...

Well, you might have this project already done by now, but I wanted to cheer you on anyway. :)

Looking forward to seeing the end results.

Have a great weekend!