Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Father Daughter Dance

This last weekend we drove over to Prosser to go to the Father Daughter Dance with Mike, Danny, Chad and all of the girls! While Sage was probably a little bit to young this year, we all had fun hanging out together. Especially me with the mom's because I didn't have a baby that night. Jeramy is so great, he took care of a whiney baby at the dance and most of the weekend so I could spend time with my family. I had so much fun with everyone! I can't remember the last time that we ALL hung out. One of my favorite things about going over there is playing games wether it is monopoly or in this case Buzz, even though Danny won every time! Sage definately needs to be around kids here all of the time because anytime someone would scream or cry so would she...lol. But she did say "Cat" when the cat came into the room that surprised Jeramy and I both. I came home and made Katy's Tator Tot Casserol yesterday and made her clam chowder today and they are both yummy!
On the way there, of course we stopped at the feeding station to look at all of the elk. Sage, and of course Jeramy loved it!


Katy said...

I'm so glad we got to spend time with you guys! It was a fun visit! I'm glad you like the recipies, pretty easy too, that's my favorite part! Sage looked adorable! She is such a cutie! Can't wait to see you guys again! Love ya!

Em said...

It was fun. Hope we can do it again soon!! Can't wait to get my cool dishes from ikea! Especially the eating utensils lol.

Heidi said...

I'm so glad you guys were able to make it over. It wa SOOO much fun. Next time we'll whoop Danny's but at buzz! Hopefully we can get together again real soon. We may get a couple days at the beach during spring break(maybe), so we'll stop by if we can go.