Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Pictures

She likes squishing her face into stuff lol

Here are some pictures of Sage. She is growing so much I can't believe it. She is a crack up. She is TOTALLY a grandma and grandpa's girl. When they are around, they don't want anything to with me lol. She has so much hair that when she eats we put a bandana on her The cupcake picture was on her actual birthday, and she wanted NOTHING to do with the cupcake.
Here are also some pictures of Katy and Emily and I and our girls. It amazes me how Emily juggles the babies around. As small as they are, they are still twice as big as when Sage came home. It is funny because Eli who is 5 months weighs the same as Sage at 13 months. I've always said, Katy has some buff arms. There is also a picture of Alexandria and the Hunter Ann doll that we got her for Christmas. Jeramy and Andy went and made a tree stand out of a twig and some duct me up...I can only imagine instead of barbies, Avery, Sage and Mallory and Layla will be playing with these hunter dolls in makeshift tree stands that their Daddy's made for them.


Em said...

Love the picture of Sage squishing her face against the window. Cracks me up. And the tree stand for the Barbie... oops, hunting doll, is priceless lol. I love that picture of your mom with the girls. you should send it to me if you get a chance. Do you think you and Norris will be able to come over this next weekend??

Katy said...

So funny, also love the barbie hunter! And that bandana on Sage's head is totally cute! I still think it's hilarious that her and Eli look the same age in that picture and she is 13 months and he is almost 5! :)