Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Twilight the Movie

So I know the movie is never as good as the book, but I was slightly disappointed with the movie. Also, I don't see what the big hype on how cute Edward is...I think he is not appealing at all, and if he didn't have such good lines ("do you know how long I've waited for you", "You are my life now") I wouldn't be drawn to him at all. Don't get me wrong I have already watched it like 18 times, but I found myself explaing to Jeramy some of the stuff that they left unclear had you not read the book. Like for example why his eye color changes, that he can read everyone's mind except Bella's (though this is revealed later) That him and Carlile can communicate without talking (the scene where they are at the police station talking about the animal attacks). And it just seemed like it all of the sudden jumped to the chase with James. None of the other vampires really had much dialoge. I am trying to remember what Rosalie's power is (other than being a #$%!!). I am not really looking forward to the next movie because Edward is gone in so much of it. Plus I read that they are going to have Dakota Fanning play Jane in he upcoming movie....I think that is a horrible choice and not who I envisioned at all.

Well enough movie talk. Jeramy and I decided that it is now official...Sage is walking! At 14 months she toddles all over the place, but still crawls 80% of the time because she can get there faster. It looks funny because she is so small it doesn't seem like she should be able to walk. She is still sleeping in bed with us which is driving me nuts. She gets about 90 percent our king size bed, while Jeramy gets 8% and I am lucky if I get 2% of the bed, which could explain my sleepless nights. I know I know we need to get her out of or bed, but Jeramy isn't ready yet. Plus none of us sleep when we try and put her in her own bed. We took her to Skateland for Jeramy's good friends funeral and Jeramy pushed her around in her stroller and she loved it!!! You can't see it very well because it was on my cell phone, but it is the only video I have ever been able to post.


Em said...

I love love loved it. I don't know if I would have liked it as much ahd I not read the books, but oh my gosh, I can't wait for the next one! And I thought Edward was perfect! I don't think he's the "great looking", but he's got the perfect vamp face.

Mama Mimi (Dana) said...

Ok. Here's my take. No. 1. I agree that the movie left too much unanswered. Too many questions. If I hadn't read the book I would have been slightly confused. No. 2, I think Edward is creepily sexy. I think he was a great choice. I think his still pictures are not attractive but when he is in motion look out. No. 3. I wouldn't have chosen what's her name to play Bella. She is not how I imagined her. No. 4. Dakota Fanning is exactly how I imagined Jane. LOL. Also, I think, just for the record, that drinking blood is gross. I don't know why I am attracted to the movie. Can't wait for the next one though. Oh also, I wouldn't have chosen the actress for Rosalie. I see her as being much more beautiful. Not that the person playing her is not pretty but I saw someone that you can't take your eyes off of. So there is my take.

Katy said...

I thought the movie was great, although I also agree, a lot was left out and if you hadn't read the book you missed out! Can't wait for the 2nd movie! Have you read her new book? Just curious, sounds a little wierd, but so did these to be honest! I thought the Edward choice was also great! Didn't think so when I saw the previews, loved him in the movie!

Katy said...

Oh and from what I could see in the video too funny! I didn't even know you could push a stroller at a roller rink, but what a great idea! And I really can't wait to see video of her walking! :) Eli weighed 18lbs 8oz at his 6 month and was 27 1/2 inches long. 85% for ht and wt! The wierd thing is... he is not the largest Isley baby, he is actually smaller than Gracie and Joey at the same age! Crazy!