Thursday, October 23, 2008

Grey's and Sage's Halloween Costume

So I missed last weeks Grey's because our DVR didn't get it and I can't stay up that late anymore. But here is what am thinking after watching tonight. I am SO over and somewhat disgusted by the Hahn Cali thing (not because I am anti-gay, because I am not in anyway) but Hahn just seems old and Cali so butch, so to me it is like Barbara Walters and Rosie O'donnel going at it. And what is up with Sloan as the new resident shrink...I must admit however that I am liking him more this season. Poor George ( I seem to say that alot) although the interns do not have names just numbers in some cases, I would like to see George and the sister together, but her being his intern would be too much, she is sort of becoming stalker ish. Meridth and Derek are moving along quite nicely but I keep waiting for the shoe (or kidney) to drop. And I have always wanted Izzy and Alex together ever since he carried her out of Denny's room after he died...but I have been reading that Denny is going to come back as a ghost or something...and that they might kill of Izzy with a brain tumor (which they are denying), but I do like the 2 of them together. I am also excited about the new Army guy for Christina...that should be interesting. So aside from the weird poor water episode and the one I missed, I am still hooked!
Here is Sage in her corn on the cob outfit (she will probably hate me some day for making her wear that) you can see in her face in the second picture that she is saying "Ya Mom I am so going to get even with you", and her new hat that her Grandma bought her. Jeramy took her over there for breakfast so I could sleep. I had the plague...brohchitis, a kidney infection, kidney stone, and the cold that was going around and an ear infection...but glad to say I am feeling bit better, and Sage is on her second round of amoxicillian for her sinus infection and seems to be doing much better!


Em said...

That outfit is adorable! Where did you get it. It cracks me up.

Katy said...

Arent' those like newborn size outfits! LOL That is too funny! She will get you someday!