Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Attacked by elk, pumpkins and more

This is my new favorite picture it is like she is saying "I missed you Daddy" isn't her arm around him so cute!! She sure loves her Daddy! She says DaDa now too!

The big one on the right!

Jeramy has been working out of town for the past 6 weeks, so Sage and I packed up for the weekend and headed off to Port Townsend where Jeramy was working. We decided to go to the Game Farm that we have always wanted to try but was too far away. You drive your car through this area where free roaming animals are and you feed them bread as they stick their heads in the window. You go through muskox, kodiak bear, black bear, bison, zebras, but the real action didn't happen until we reached the field of elk. Being the avid hunter that Jeramy is, he knows that the elk are mating right now, so as we were driving through the field of cows, Jeramy decided to bugle at the bull elk. Well that either pissed him off or got him all excited because he rammed our car. Mind you Sage is in the front seat with us (I know total Britney Spears thing to do) and I am screaming..."GO". We ended up with a good dent in the side of my car...luckily they cut off their horns otherwise it would have been a huge hole. You can see the bull in one of the pictures and when I asked if that was a normal sized one or not Jr said no that was a huge one. Also as we were driving and I was taking pictures I saw a good photo opportunity by the buffalo, but I forgot that my window was open too so as I was leaning back to get a good picture I got licked across the head by the other buffalo...we stopped off at the beach to take some pictures, I am actually in one for a change...
Jeramy finally came home for good so this weekend we went to the patch with our good friends that we go with every year and got her a pumpkin and carved it last night. Of course she had to wear her brown cow outfit to the patch and wear her Husky outfit for her first halloween, since after all she was born a Husky at UW where she was born (can't argue that my Cougar friends). Just wait to see what she is going to be for Halloween.
PS Her room is almost done, she loves it! My neighbor and I love it too because it is relaxing and there is always Hawaiian music playing which is calming. Sage even does a hula dance everytime she hears it! I love this time of year!


Katy said...

Holy cow! Or should I say Bull! LOL I wanna go there! The kids would love that! Leave it to Jeramy, that sounds like something Mike would try! Sage is getting so big, well big for her. LOL I'm sure Eli probably does have her outweighed. I keep getting the comment, are you serious, he is only six weeks old! LOL Love ya!

barnhartboogy said...

Awe, I was so hoping to see the Halloween costume. I guess I'll have to wait. She is getting so big! It's funny, when you don't see them very often, it's like they go from looking like a baby, to looking like a toddler over night! She'll be a toddler in just a couple of months!!! Hope to see ya soon :)