Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sage is 5 Months Old!

I am finally back! What a crazy few weeks we have had! First, we went on vacation to Seaside with Mom and Dad and went sturgeon fishing, but didn't catch any fish (which was a first). Then Sage had her 5 month check up at the University of Washington to check her development and needless to say, she is perfect. She is exactly where she should be and even doing things she shouldn't be doing for a couple of months. They basically just saw how she responded to certain toys and situations, and she was fine, which totally alieviated any of my fears. Everyone is constantly amazed at how cute she is. I think people are use to seeing babies that small as newborns and without a lot of personality, but Sage makes up for her small size with her huge personality. She is smiling and laughing all of the time now, and everyone swears she has a "Mom" cry. At that appointment she weighed in at 11 pounds and was 22 inches long and is still in size 1 diapers. My cousin Vic saw her the other day and joked that one of his son's was that big at birth! You would be surprised how many times we get asked if Sage is a doll when people see her because she is so small, cute and While we were up at UW we got to visit the ante partem unit where I was and see the great nurses who took care of me, and we also went and saw all of our nurses that took care of Sage in the NICU and donated all of her premie clothes!! Then this week was my surgery so I was laid up for a while with that, but am doing great now!
So we are finally back up on our feet around here! Sage even went to her first concert tonight at Uncle Stan's house, where Daddy's friend's band played. I will post some pictures later of Sage's first trip to the beach. She has been copying sounds lately and came home squaking like a seagull.


Katy said...

I have been wondering where you have been! Have missed you! So what was the surgery? I can't believe how cute and big Sage is getting, although, like Vic, I have one that was almost that size at birth! LOL Two pounds lighter but the same length! Crazy! I think this one is going to be big too! Glad you guys had a good time and glad you are back blogging! Love ya!

Becky said...

I've missed you,too! Karissa was 9lbs. 9 oz. at birth so she really was almost that big. Sage is so precious. I hope you are recovering from your surgery and that everything is OK.


Heidi said...

Hey Mia, I've missed you're blog updates! Glad you're back. Surgery?? Everything a.o.k. now? Take care, hope to see you guys soon!