Friday, June 6, 2008

WOW Update

Has anyone noticed that WOW upside down is MOM? That is because we rock!! I got everything done on my list and then some! I even sent out more notes and pictures than I thought. We added one more thing to our list that took up more time than I thought, packing for our trip to Seaside to go Sturgeon fishing. I never really realized how much stuff Sage needs. I thought I would pack everything but the kitchen sink, but I really kept it minimal, not even a stroller, which I am very proud of. Our only other vacation was to Emily's and I knew if I forgot it Emily would have it, so this time I have really tried to think it through. I even put up the DVD player in the car so she can watch her videos.

Sorry if I didn't comment on your blog carnivals, but I am so proud of all you MOM's and your WOW accomplishments! Love you guys! I will post pictures when we get back!!


Becky said...

I never thought about WOW being MOM upside down.

You did awesome! I hope you have a great trip!


Em said...

I'm so jealous about seaside! You guys have fun, catch lots of fish, and make sure to put lots of pictures on when you get back. Hope we get to see you guys soon.
Love ya!!

Katy said...

Hey ya, haven't you ever heard that joke about the guy who got a W tatooed on both butt cheeks? When he did carwheels it said WOW MOM WOW MOM
lolol hope you had a great weekend! Thanks for the Sage pic!

Becky said...

Your blog fans miss you. : )

Hope all is well and you are having a fun summer.

: ) Becky

Em said...


Parker's Mom said...


You ok? Hope all went well. Not answering phones, e-mails or blogging. Hmmm.

Check in soon. K?