Thursday, July 8, 2010

Seaside 2010

Fish Cam

Feeding the Seals

Paying the Bills

Her new favorite thing is to stuff herself in small spaces

Wow it has been a while, I am not quite sure where to start. Let's see, we did our annual trip to Seaside at the beginning of June with my parents for our sturgeon trip. Turns out not so much the "sturgeon fishing trip" as it was the "take Sage on the Merry Go Round multiple times a day" trip. She just loved the "ROUND". Hettie and Scott came down for a few days and we were able to go to the aquarium to feed the seals and go shopping and fly kites. Jeramy, Scott and I went on the bumper cars. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. Jeramy decided to tell everyone, "That is my wife...get her" and since I was the only girl, they did.

When we first went down to the beach and took of Sage's shoes she didn't want to touch the sand. Then out of no where she took off like a bolt in a Zig Zag pattern and headed straight for the ocean. She proceeded to jump in every tiny puddle there was. Since Jeramy wasn't with us for the entire week, Mom was on chasing duty, but I just let her run wild...she was fearless and headed right into the ocean. Boy was I exhausted at the end of that day.
Well this is a start, I have so much to catch up on, like our family reunion and 4th of July celebration! But now we are going to go outside and enjoy the sunshine while it is out...FINALLY!

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