Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

With all this nasty rain (in June!) we have been trying hard to come up with stuff to do in the house. Being an only child with 2 dogs, she has been dressing them up lately. Poor Toby had a few t-shrits, sweatshirts and even some underware I think (that I had just folded and put in the laundry basket) on and then Sage unloaded my kitchen towel drawer to dress Lami. They just looked at me with a sad look on their face, and played along.

We also have her tent set up in the living room, as well as 2 slides. Anything we can think of, because she really wants to go "outside", so we have brought as much of the outside into our other living room.

Then Jeramy decided to scale this tree with a rusted old hand saw, limb it and then saw it down so we can put up a swingset for Sage. The funny thing is he didn't use a ladder, just his scaffolding monkey skills. He does these things when I am asleep so I can't say anything, he learned The pictures of him and Sage are him trying to get the root of the tree out which Sage thought was very cool. When we were trying to get her to say Cheese you can see one of the pictures her looking really irritated looking at Jeramy and saying CHEEEEEZZZZEEEE!

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Katy said...

Geesh, I've been a bad blogger and had a lot of catching up to do! It was fun, looks like you guys have been busy! I love the Dora tent! It wouldn't last a day at my house...boys...LOL Sorry about all the rain, I would say "come on over" to get away from it, but we have it here too! I'm secretly enjoying it though! :) Can't wait until the reunion, only a few weeks away, CRAZY!! Love you!