Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Projects

While Jeramy went fishing this weekend, Sage and I did some shopping. First we got her a pop up Dora tent for 99cents that is really cool. And she has a Dora bed that fits in there perfectly. She loves hanging out in there with Lami and Toby and Mom too. It is in our living room (well actually Sage's living room since there is a tent and 2 slides). Our other project was to carpet the Den...or the Man room which we call it because of all of Jeramy's Sheds and Elk skulls in there. It is right off the kitchen and seems to be where everyone hands out. It had tile and I hated it because if Sage fell she could really smack her head or chip a tooth, plus it was a pain to keep clean and we had 2 piece rugs that were also a pain. I am LOVING the carpet in here, and would love to do something different in the kitchen to get rid of the tile in there. Finally, my new obsession is hairbows for Sage. Her hair is so long, so this weekend my Mom bought her a TON of new bows from Gymboree that are really cute. So I hung ribbon from the wall to clip them on so I can see them easily when I am getting her dressed to see which ones match, and then took a toilet paper tube for the cute rubber bands. I have a feeling as she gets older this entire wall will eventually be filled with hairbows. I am so happy I had a little girl!!

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