Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I have a bad addiction!

I think my mother and I have a horrible addiction. Clothes for Sage. I tried to take a picture of just one side of her closet, mind you the other side is just as packed. The big pile on the floor is of clothes that don't fit her anymore, and the boxes on top are the ones that I am saving for her and a huge box of shoes that are still too big for her. On the bottom of the closet there are bags of clothes that are still too big that there isn't room for in the closet. On the shelf are hats, socks, leggings, butt ruffles etc. The whole top row is jackets and vests. Plus she has 6 sets of draweres that are filled also. My mom and cousin Hettie went nuts and bought her like 15 new outfits the other day.
My newest addiction is shoes and hairbows. I can tie all of her hair into a high pony now so, following in the steps of my friend Sara who made her a ton of bows, I have been going crazy. You can see them hanging on the side of the closet. And of course shoes...this is just one of her drawers that is full of the shoes that fit her now. I just bought her like 5 new pairs of Robeez and See Kai Run shoes. Jeramy just comes in and shakes his head as fear flushes over his face at the thought of what the closet will look like in years to come. But he keeps saying, "at least I don't have it as bad as Chad with 3 girls." We will have to swap prom dresses with Chad's girls he says, and recycle wedding dresses.
I am willing to admit that I have a problem, there should seriously be a support group for people like me (and PS Halmoni I think you have a problem too). The sad thing is, I think I have a couple pairs of pants that fit me and 2 pairs of shoes...lol...at least my girl looks good!


Katy said...

That is crazy, I'm like you though, my kids are well outfitted, I just blew a hole in the knee of one of my three pairs of jeans and a whole in the butt of another. I have a macy's gift card from Christmas that I haven't spent. I keep thinking, I'll go get something cute for the kids! :)

Em said...

It's bad isn't it?? And you would think that after going through all these clothes with Avery, and her not even getting to wear half of them before she outgrows them that I would get better, but I can't help myself either. Same here, I don't think I've bought myself a new pair of jeans/pants or underwear/bras for like three years lol, well, except for a few maternity things, but my kids will be dressed to the nines I'm sure. Love you! And hope you get a chance to make it over before too long.

Em said...

Oh, and yes, we can definitely swap prom dresses lol.