Wednesday, January 7, 2009

They are Here!!

My superstar cousin Emily had twin girls! Mallory LeeAnn was born at 4:56 pm on January 5th weighing in at 5#15 oz 19" long with little sister Layla Celeste born at 5:02 weighing in at 4#14 oz 17 3/4" long! Auntie Katy was sending me hour by hour updates since I couldn't be there which I was totally bumed out about. So I sent trivia questions to help pass the time. Emily and Chad now have 3 beautiful baby girls. That was my original guess, though I put (sorry chad on there). Jeramy said, "oh man I thought being out numbered 2 to 1 was bad, Chad has it 4 to 1. Now Jeramy and Chad will have to take the girls and teach them to hunt and fish! Sage is so excited about her new baby cousins. Her and Avery are 9 months apart and the twins and her are 13 months apart if I am thinking right. Hopefully they will grow up as close as me, Katy and Emily have!!


Heidi said...

Wow!! Twins:) How many weeks along was she when she delivered? C-section? Did you know my sister Kimmy is expecting twins?? She's due May 2nd but they told her she would go past mid April...can't wait:)

Em said...

I'm so glad I know other people with blogs lol. I just got one up today finally, but I had to do it on Katy's computer because mine is currently out of commission!! Hope to see you guys soon :). Oh, the pictures of Sage on her birthday are adorable :)