Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Whole Lota Sturgeon Going On

My FISH !!!!!

So it has been a very rainy summer for us this year, but we still went sturgeon fishing. The first time out just me and my dad went, and we hooked a 7 foot oversized that took us almost 2 hours to land. While we were on board there was a camera crew filming for a show that will air on the Pursuit channel in January that we will be on. This last weekend I went down for a sturgeon invitational derby with the camera crew and shot some pictures for them and had a great time, landed over 20 sturgeon that day. It is kind of funny that I am the one fishing while Jeramy is at home. We took Sage fishing for the first time in the drift boat at the lake by our house. She finally got to use her 7 foot rod that lights up when you reel, while we were dinking around with the fish, I looked over my shoulder and saw a bald eagle just a couple feet away from us with it's talons out, I screamed and covered Sage, and the eagle took her fish...she kept screaming.."That bird took my fish." It took Jeramy and I a minute to recover from laughter to explain to her what just happened. Jeramy was so proud that she reeled the fish in all by herself.

We have also been going to music in the park on Tuesday's when it is not pouring down rain. The last one was the Tim Noah concert (I remember him from when I was a kid). Sage instantly went up to the stage and started dancing with a cute little boy. Much to Jeramy's chagrin, Sage is quite the flirt. While hanging out with Carter, they always do cute little things together, but this one day I heard Jeramy squeel and I looked over at Sage kissing Carter...it was SO cute...but Jeramy said.."It's time to go." LOL

Sage got a new swingset too. It took one afternoon, 9 people, 5 dogs, 1 rabbit and a LOT of parts and pieces but she was VERY happy to have her own park in her backyard. Now if only the weather would cooperate so she could use it more.

We are also getting ready to drive down to Disneyland next month with Jeramy's parents. While we were down at Lakefair this last week she had her hands over her ears the whole time because of the noise (she does this as a defense mechanism I think) so thankfully we have a couple more fairs before we go to Disneyland so hopefully she won't be totally overwhelmed.

Other than that, we are just hanging out, going outside when the weather allows us too. It has been such a frustrating summer as far as what to dress her in because it can be 80 one day and then pour down rain for 4 days straight. Hopefully California will have better weather for us!

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