Thursday, December 2, 2010

Let it Snow

These are the very skates that Jeramy learned to skate on.
She is actually quite good, way better than her mother.

Seta and Sage baked me a cake for my Birthday!

At the fair with E-Mom and Papa in her favorite
Bob Marley T-shirt, she ALWAYS asks for "Bob"
in the car, my little reggae baby

Trying to catch the snow with her tongue

This is the famous Fireplace picture we have done
since we were kids. It is kind of funny now that we are
adults and sitting on laps.

This picture was from Thanksgiving this year, with Scott
sitting in for Andrea

Making her first snow man with

This is for you Robin! :) This year we were so excited to wake up to snow. We bundled Sage up and went to Donna and Dave's because our cousin Casey and Scott who live in Hawaii were there for the holiday (talk about a temperature difference). I was so excited to have our family there and Sage loved playing with her cousin Floyd and outside with Alexandria! Every year since the 80's we have done this cousin photo where we sit in the same spot, and on laps and as we have gotten older it is getting funny. This year since Andrea wasn't there, Scott filled in the gap.

We took her to her 3 year well visit and everything seems fine. She weighed 25 pounds and was tall for her age. He said if you took 100 kids, she would be right in the middle, which surprised us since she is so skinny for almost 3 (most of my cousin's kids are 25 pounds before their first birthday. He also said the 2 biggest challenges this year will be her eating and potty training, and it is! We have tried everything, stickers, M&M's, prizes, potties in every room, pretty panties, pull ups, cold turkey (in which she refused to go and ended up REALLY constipated), setting a timer every 30 minutes, her watching me and how to do it, emphasizing how big girls do it...but she is so stubborn, we started around 2, and have slowly let her lead us. And that is one of the things the Doctor noticed, eating and potty training, she calls the shots, but we are easily manipulated by her, as is everyone else since she is the only baby over here, that everyone caves, and she knows it. All in all, except for the shots, things went great. I also got my biopsy back and it was negative for cancer..yeah...but if I would have waited longer, it would have turned into it, so I am glad I went when I did!
We are trying to get back into the groove of things...with Mommy being sick, she has TOTALLY become a Daddy's girl, almost to where it hurts my feelings. We signed us up for Kindermusik so her and I could is so funny because with her having 2 dogs and a rabbit, she always goes up to the kids and pets have to work on that one.
Some of the things I want to remember about this age: How she calls her Grandma's E-Mom, where she got that, I don't duck duck goose became quack quack moose, she still does the face, and we have dubbed her bossy bessy or sassy sally because she thinks she rules the roost. This year when we asked her what she wanted for Christmas, she said a Big Tree, when we asked her what she wanted for her birthday she said, an Old is really into play cooking and dinosaur's for some reason, not dolls. Also, my Mom and I have been taking her to Saint Martin's church, and surprisingly she sits through the whole mass, even though there is no place for kids...she even does the "forehead, belly button, armpit, armpit" as she calls it. I even get to see some of my old monk professors which is kind of cool. Each monk usually has a job on campus like a mailman, barber, teacher etc. Well, there is one guy who is like 90 and his job is to cut and split wood, and as a punishment you would have to go down there and do it, and when I was in college I ended up down there a few times as punishment...and even sometimes just to help after that because I couldn't believe he could do it, because lifting an ax over your head when you are older, seems impossible.
On a sad note, we lost our beloved Aunt Cyndi on Monday to brain cancer (the same day the pathology report said I didn't have cancer) She was only 40 years old, and had 2 daughters, one in her teens. But she is in a better place now and not hurting anymore so that is a blessing! It is always harder for those left behind, but so much better for her, even though it is going to be tough, Jeramy has a strong family that will get through it!
I am saving alot of pictures that I haven't posted because I used alot of them for Christmas presents, so after XMAS and her birthday, I am sure there will be a flood of posts, since I usually turn this year's blog into a book for her so she can look back years from now and remember all of the things she did and we did growing up. 3 is going to be a hard age because we have to potty train, get rid of the night time binky, get her in her room, and not let her call the is just as much training her as it is training us, because we cave into her so much (and she knows it). Dr. says 4 will be much easier...we will see.

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Katy said...

She is so cute! I love the mooshy face! I wish we could get together! Last time I saw her she wasn't talking much (well, maybe she was talking, I just wasn't understanding!) Glad to hear the good news about your lump! Love you bunches!