Monday, December 27, 2010

Camo Santa

You didn't like your slippery shoes

As usual you get your picture taken with Camo Santa. This year we were a little nervous how you would respond to Santa, but to our amazement, once you spotted him you ran straight for him (good thing there was no line) and jumped on his lap. Mommy and Daddy were shocked because usually you are scared of things like the Easter Bunny and the blow up yard ornaments. After you got off his lap, you made a run for it and got on the escalator at Cabelas and said, WEEE, so Mommy and Daddy had to call Santa and let you talk to him and he told you to listen to your parents, be good, don't whine, and always stay with your parents. Thank you Santa because now she does most of those things. Now if Santa would only Potty train you, that would be great! I have a lot more posts to put up, but we are recovering from our marathon Christmas, plus your birthday is in 3 days!

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