Friday, October 22, 2010

Memories and Signs

The exact same dress you wore for your 1 year birthday

Same face you make when you want your Daddy

Same ride you went on at TC Fair, see pictures below

Mommy and Auntie Katy

Grandma Pat teaching Mommy Bubbles

Aunt Marlene with me, and Grandma with Katy I think

I think you inherited "THE FACE" from your Mom


More pictures of "THE FACE"

Caitlin, Andy and Me with Grandma in a pool

by Aunt Minnie's

On the farm in Prosser with Katy and Danny and

another kid I don't' know

Grandma teaching me how to swim

I have always said and I will say it again that I believe in signs. Even if it is a cat, dog or rabbit that has passed away or especially a person who was dear to your heart, they are always around you, you just have to look for the signs that they are there.

For example today...the whole way to get the lump in my breast checked out I sat in silence and gazed out the window thinking of Grandma and what she went through and my old boss Robin and was scared and nervous not knowing what to expect. When I arrived at South Sound Radiology I was greeted by a receptionist named Robin. When I sat in the waiting room an older gentleman, probably 85 asked if I was Mia Holman....I had worked with him 15 years ago and hadn't seen him since. My entire wait in the waiting room he told me all about Grandma, how she was the first girl he took to a dance, all about what she was like in highschool and middle school, even about my Grandpa. What are the odds of that. There are probably 2 remaining people in the world I know that knew my Grandma when and here sitting in the waiting room was one of them, with stories willing to share. Then when it was my turn to go in for a mamogram my technician's name was Marlene. I almost broke down and cried before the procedure, but I waited until afterwards. The fact that Robin was there to welcome and ease me, Mr. Puckett was there to keep my mind off of my worries by telling me stories of my Grandma, and then making me feel comfortable by having my Technician's name be Marlene, was just too much, too many coincidences not to believe that she wasn't there with me. It is times like these and when I tried on wedding dresses, graduated from college, and the times I needed her the most that I look around and see her all around me. You just have to look for the signs from within your heart and believe that she is there with you. For me it is my Grandma, but it could be anyone or anything, whatever brings you comfort. God of course is always with you and all around you, I look at Grandma more as my guardian angel sent over just to watch over me. Even during the scarey time when you were born, there were signs she was there and it is what got me through. Just look..and you will see


Becky Avella said...

Oh what great pictures! I can't believe how much Sage is like you. I loved seeing the beautiful pictures of Aunt Patty.

I'm also thankful that God left you love notes on that scary day to show you He loves you.

I love you, too. : )

Heidi said...

I"m soooo with you on the signs! I see my gram all the time, especially in times of need but also in times of joy! She's there! And, even though Jack didn't get to meet her, she's here with him too I know it!