Monday, October 18, 2010

The FACE and a Thanks!

Uncle Nick's Birthday Card

Season's Greetings
Doesn't Sage look
I have probably blogged about this before, but it is just too funny. Ever since
Sage was like 10 months old, she would do this face and we called it "The Face"...we'd always say give Uncle Nick "the face" and she would seem to always do it for Uncle Nick. But lately she has been doing it on command and especially with Uncle Sean who she calls Unca Bad name but sounds like hit)...I think I use to make a similar face when I was younger, like a popeye the sailor man face, so I will have to look.

I just wanted to make sure we got these photos on here before I print her yearly blog book. One of the other cute things she is doing these days is wanting to sing all the nursery rhymes. I've had to do some research on say ones like Pollywaddle dooddle all a day. I also taught her duck duck goose, but she points her fingers and waves them around like a musical cunductor and says "No No No Mommy like this....quack quack quack Moose. She is becoming little Miss Bossy pants..."Papa go take a nap" E-mom (her name for grandma) you go hide...and then of course her finger pointing , no no no, like she is conducting an orchestra. She NEVER throws a tantrum though which is nice, but everyone caters to whatever she wants, so why would she. We have to put the kibosh on that really soon! She keeps telling me, Mommy this is mine, and my response is, no honey everything is mine, but I will let you share if you ask...not quite sure if that is sinking in yet...because in actuallity, it is all hers anyways. She is finally gaining a bunch of weight and is probably about 25 pounds now going on her 3rd birthday. We have been giving her DHA Omega 3 organic Whole milk with the carnation breakfast chocolate milk, and I know that is helping because she really likes to drink it. Plus, she is getting better about how picky she is on food. It is so nice when they are old enough to tell you what they want instead of guessing on what they do or don't. But man she demands ALL of our attention and is contantly trying to get us to engage with her, which we normally do, not leaving much time for anything else. Since daycare/preschool didn't work out I need to find her one of these classes people keep mentioning (Thanks Stephanie) hopefully one inside where I won't have to run across town. But she is a little whimpy. When we were halloween shopping yesterday for an outfit I put on a giant hotdog costume to show her, and she TOTALLY freaked out, but I stuck with it until she realized it was her mommy, then she thought it was funny. Same with the ride at Puyallup fair where she was screaming and my parents were screaming at me for putting her on it, but once it started to go she was loving it. If she didn't I would have pulled her off. Right now my motto is until she tries something, even if she thinks she is scared I am going to push her through it so she sees it is ok. Like me in a giant hotdog outfit, yes I looked like a total idiot, but eventually she wasn't scared anymore.
Lastly, I would obviously like to thank my husband for taking care of me and our family after the surgery. I'd like to thank my cousin Andrea who has helped me through all of the ups and downs I have been experienced. But most importantly, I want to thank my parents who took time off of work to care for me and our daughter and to give Jeramy a well deserved break. They have sacraficed alot for our family and has helped us financially, that we could never repay them other to say Thank You, which doesn't hardly seem enough. Without them, I don't know where we would be. I am very blessed to have a family who loves me and will care for me at all odds. I love you all and thank you!

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Emma said...

You really do have a wonderful family Mia! You are very blessed :)