Thursday, September 23, 2010

Elk and the Fair!

"Way to Go Uncle Brian!!"

"Daddy, Where is Yours?"
Uncle D-Rail's Montana Elk

Giving Love to Papa Jeff

She hated the BIG horses, but loved riding
the little ones

Some random lady taking Sage's
picture, I just noticed...
The kind of Bunny she is getting next week
It will only get this big, just her size!

She would SCREAM when I would put her on
But would love it once she'd get going!

Riding the train with E-Mom (Grandma)

My parents and I took Sage to the Puyallup fair last weekend. The day before it was a downpour of rain so I dressed her like an eskimo, only it turned out to be hot. When we asked her what T-shirt she wanted to buy so she wouldn't be hot, she said "Bob" Bob Marley, which explains her ONLY thing she wanted to see over and over were the bunnies (bunnys??) anyways when she was in the petting area she got to see her 2 favorite things...Goaps as she calls them and pet a bunny. SO since Auntie A has Goaps, we are going to buy her a bunny like the one she is petting next Friday. We have been getting it's home ready, we have this little tiny house that matches our shed that has a half door that will be it's new home....oh boy. I got this really cool Ion watch that is suppose to help with stress, dextarity etc that I highly recommend.

Unfortunately we lost Papa Jeff's Dad (PapaPapa) but Sage got to see him right after we went to the fair since the hospital was across the street, and painted him a pretty picture.
Finally, Uncle Brian got a big elk and brought it over to show and wanted Sage to take her picture with it. She has been going deer hunting daily with Daddy and Uncle Jared here around town. She drives around in the car with them and when Daddy gets out with his bow, Uncle Jared holds her. She loves Uncle Jared and wanted to paint a picture for him and whenever they go to his house she goes right for their dog "Jackson"

For now we are just hanging out. Sage is still going to preschool 2 days a week for 5 hours each day and cries when we get to the parking lot. I have been driving different routes so she doesn't know where we are going. There are 3 other kids in there who have never gone to daycare/preschool before so when they cry, she cries. After my surgery and I am back at 100% I might pull her and try something else. I am going in for my full hystarectomy next Thursday so hopefully that will help with the pain...well unless I have to clean out the bunny told Jeramy that it was his job, especially since we get to pick it up the day AFTER my surgery...good planning on my part if I do say so myself.

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