Friday, January 8, 2010

2 Years Old!

Hard to believe our baby girl is now 2 (well not really as we are experiences the terrible two's)! Harder yet to belive is that at her UW appointment and Dr's Apointment she weighed 21 pounds with a diaper on, So she finally passed the 20 pound mark! Everything went well. Of course she is not on the percentile charts for her weight, but is in the 50% percentile for height (can't complain for being tall and skinny) and has a bigger head and feet than most premies. During the psychologicall evaluation, she passed all of the tests and exceeded some as well. She just needs to work on her verbs. I was surprised, she even hugged the doctor...I think the doctor was taken aback as she said "no kid has ever hugged me before." After that we got special attention!
But probably the biggest milestone she has mastered is that she went to the bathroom 3 times on her big potty! If you would have told me 5 years ago this news would excite me beyond anything else you could have told me, I wouldn't have believed you, but no words can explain the way you feel. (sorry to my non-parent friends as I know we talk about poop and pee alot lol)
She cried the ENTIRE time during this shoot. We brought the bearsskin rug and sheds, and of course Mommy had to throw in a tutu, but I kept telling the photographer to keep shooting, if she was crying that is ok because we wanted to capture the 2 year old moment and I think we got it!


Jani said...

Happy Birthday, Sage! You got some great pictures. I love the one with the pinwheel. It's always great to get a good report from the doc, huh?

Heidi said...

Absolutely adorable pictures!

Em said...

It goes pretty fast doesn't it. I'm still hoping Avery will stop at 3! Love the pictures. i think they capture the essence of a 2 year old fantastically. lol

Katy said...

Yes I agree with all of the above, great pics! So she has the Eddy feet huh? Poor girl! LOL I hope potty training goes well for you! Did you look into that 3 day potty training camp thing I told you about? I'm going to give it a try with Eli, pretty intense, but totally worth it if it works I think!