Sunday, September 20, 2009

I have always said, I wish there was a way to capture this information for Sage so she can read it when she grows up, because by all accounts it is a chronological account of her life with pictures. Then I saw that a friend of mine who is married to Chris who I went to college with and is soon to deliver baby number 3, so she will have 3 boys under the age of 3 I think it was.
Anyways, there is this thing called where you can create a book of your blog in soft back or hardback. I think it is like 24.95 for a hardback and the first 20 pages and 32 cents after that. You can choose to do different posts or all of them.
I am so excited about this and I plan on doing a hardcopy of every blog after we come back from Hawaii and her 2nd birthday and then every year after that, so Sage has a great collection of her life!
Thought I would share, hope everyone is well. I am doing much better and actually bought a bike trailer and have been taking Sage on bike rides which she loves!!

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Em said...

Thanks! It's a great idea. I think I'll try to get most of mine printed too. Can you pick and choose the blogs or does it automatically do them all??? There are some I wouldn't care to get printed out in a book.