Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Group Hug

Group Hug, her new favorite thing

He still owes mem that diaper change so I
Made him a melted baby ruth one
So in an effort to get back in shape, my parents bought me a new bike and trailer to haul Sage around and she loves it!

Her new favorite thing is to smush our faces together in a "group hug" and she just laughs and laughs and laughs, and then we kiss her and she just thinks it is hysterical.

As you see my birthday hat is now on Scott's head as we celebrated his brithday. We got him a Hawaiian survival kit including water wings, aloe for his inevitable sun burn, little mermaid sun block, snorkle, and 2 Hawaiian shirts and a Corona in a Corona bag. And since he still owes me a diaper change, every year on his birthday I give him a poopy chocolate diaper with a warning, "The older they get the worse it gets" Fun Fun Fun


Katy said...

LOL cool bike and trailer, have fun riding! I'm sure Sage loves it! Aren't group hugs the best! :)

Em said...

I love the group hug. So cute! I think the bike and trailer is awesome! I always thought it'd be fun to do that with Avery, but now I'mnot so sure how it'd work with three kids LOL. As long as I was going down hill... Not sure I could drag them uphill!!