Saturday, August 8, 2009

Insurance Jerks

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So here is another rant email:

With my surgery scheduled for 9 days from now, the surgery date I barely made it to because of all the pain I have been in, the surgery date I have been praying would come sooner, is now, in pending mode because of the Jerks at the Insurance company who have decided to play a paper game with me and my doctor and deny the surgery on technicalities.

It all started when they faxed a letter to my doctor requesting information on why I needed this surgery and gave her 24 hours to respond. Well she isn't in on Friday and is was on call Monday so even after receiving my post op notes because she missed the 24 hour deadline they denyed it.
Then I received a letter dated August 3rd (I received it on August 6th) but it was post marked for August 4th, telling me I had 72 hours to file for an urgent appeal. So when I called to do so they tried to tell me I missed the deadline, but when I said it was postmarked the 4th and any idiot can date a letter for whatever date they want and I was still in the window, they told me, oh well I didn't qualify because I wasn't in the hospital, when I said that wasn't one of the reasons on the letter and if I didn't qualify why did they send me this letter telling me I don't qualify, then I was sent to the supervisor, who of course was unavailable and to leave a message. It was like they were going down a check list on "Reasons to deny"

I mean what idiot Nazi man read my post op notes stating that:

"Patient's uterus is attached to her c-section scar and her left ovary is embedded in her pelivis, and is in excrutiating pain that no narcotics can alieve, and that the doctor couldn't say 100% that she got all of my cancer cells because my cervix was being pulled back because my uterus is attached to my abdomen" and thought NAhhh that doesn't warrent a hystarectamy. I mean you would think that an insurance company would see my history and want to yank out any organs they could to save them money. Even seeing that Sage was a million dollar baby, you'd think they would want my uterus out so I wouldn't have another one. I told Jeramy we should have one just to spite the insurance company. But I cannot bend to pick up Sage, I can't go a full day on my feet, it is aweful and that phone call to the insurance company Friday threw me over the edge and I just cried all day. I barely made it to the 18th, I CANNOT go another month or however long they want to drag this out for. Politics or not, this really really sucks!!

So for now, my surgeon is just as pissed off about it as I am, she is going to step in again and I am going to have my family doctor step in as well....but the surgeon is keeping me on the books for the 18th and keeps assuring me, "You WILL have this surgery" I knew picking a woman OB/GYN was a good man would understand this pain I am in. So please cross your fingers and toes and pray that everything get's resolved and this nightmare will be over!

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Em said...

It's a terrible ordeal. Praying for you Mia! It'll all work out, just keep your head up. I know it's hard, wish I coulda been there for ya to cry on, but you'll be in there and getting fixed up before you know it! Just stinks you have to jump through hoops to do it! Love ya!