Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bitter Beer Face

I gave Sage her first bite of peas, and from the looks of it she is not a big fan. The first picture reminds me of the bitter beer face. This is actually her new expression that she uses in place of smiling alot and it cracks us up.
The second picture she looks just plain old pissed off at me for giving her another bite of peas, like "What are you doing to me here Mom? are you crazy?"
Looks like this one might have an attitude, what do you think?


Katy said...

Too funny! I just crack up when I see pictures of her. She has so much personality already! Peas were never a favorite of my kids either. They prefered the orange veggies! Carrots, sweet potatoes! Hey by the way, what was her weight the other day? Did the shots go okay? Love ya!

Em said...

HA, I laughed as soon as the pictures popped up. Same here, Avery still doesn't really like peas. I'm finally back online!! YAY! Still can't post my own blog though for some reason.